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As an independent curator and producer, my focus is on experimental practices and processes across human endeavour. With this pursuit, bringing deeply inquisitive people together from diverse cultures and perspectives has blossomed beyond a profession, into a way of life and lifelong learning. With a wide-spectrum of curiosities across arts, science, philosophy, culture, technology and their various intersections now and into the future, my projects have evolved as original frameworks of interdisciplinary research, production and experience. Change is indeed the only constant that governs my mutating body of contemporary work spread across long-term social impact projects both urban and rural, landmarks, festivals, exhibitions, public space interventions, social experiments, residencies, facilities, live performances, films and web-based collaborations. Operating in a niche experimental space in a country with a vibrant traditional culture but largely deficient in institutional support across the board, the need to fill gaps in this society led to the experience of envisioning and establishing projects from ground zero and nurturing them into independent institutions with an international outlook, partnerships and associations. 

A parallel decade of leadership in brand consulting and advertising to pay the bills and support my artistic practice, has supplemented my experience with expertise in mass perception, while letting me make fearless choices as a curator. Documentation, archiving and reporting is a critical element in my approach adding value to a growing and intertwining global network of people, partners, practices, processes and projects. Working across an evolving canvas of disciplines and media, in an age of rapid technological development has led me to discover an underlying synergy and strategy that attempts to simplify and unify multiple complex codes of creativity to produce unique interdisciplinary projects and relationships. The plans for the future involve growing and optimising a network of over 5000 experimental practitioners, evolving existing projects, developing innovations in contemporary learning, sports and politics, and building new interdisciplinary ecosystems needed to thrive in the early 21st Century.


The Blackout Festival

Mumbai (2012-14 and 2016) / Basel (2015)

Erasing the line between the museum and the public space, the artist and the audience. 

No themes. No permissions. No exchange of money. 

Free expression. Reject everything. 

KYTA (Karma Yatri Travel and Art)

Kalga, Himachal Pradesh (India) - 2014 onwards

KYTA (Karma Yatri Travel and Art) is an experimental residency program currently based in the Himalayan village of Kalga. The focus of the residency is to research and explore the relationship between travel, living, culture, art and expression. The artistic focus is on the process and the confluence of various artistic practices and thought streams across experimental human endeavour. As a framework, we invite 10 artists from various disciplines and nationalities every year to produce a unified artistic result within a finite time period. Alongside, we are building associations and partnerships with artists, projects and institutions globally to expand the scope of cultural exchange with India.

The Story of Foundation

Goa, India - 2015 onwards

The Story of Foundation promotes live and informal learning through public festivals and events - it hosted its first endeavour, The Story of Light as India's official contribution to the UN-adopted International Year of Light (IYL) in 2015, followed by The Story of Space in 2017 with support from the Government of Goa and various cultural agencies and institutions. 

The Academy of Electronic Arts

New Delhi / Sattal / Shillong - 2010-2015

The Academy of Electronic Arts is a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking and empowering entity that evolves continuously to inclusively address *all* Experimentally-Creative Practices & Practitioners - whether already existing or as yet inconceivable, whether professional or not so, and whether formally recognized as Art forms and Artists or not so - in service of General Public-Benefit on all sides. My role as an Executive Trustee and Co-Curator was in action through 2010-15. 

Conjure Arts and Media

Mumbai / New York - 2009-2013

A subsidiary of Concept Management Consulting Limited, Conjure was an independent arthouse and studio working across space design, films, books, music, electronic and visual art. We co-produced the multiple international award winning independent film, Kshay, that was released in theatres across India in 2012. Our American production, Stealing Suburbia was screened as part of the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2013. 


Mumbai - 2016-2018

Sparkt was established in 2016 as a hyper-collective to engineer lasting bonds between consumers and brands by bridging the gap between them through consulting, technology, data sciences and a full scale creative, content and media offering. In only its 3rd year (2018), Sparkt has established itself as a major player in the Indian marketplace. In Jan 2019, the team has 40 experts and emerging creative, content and data professionals, revenues tracking 1.5Mn USD, and over 50 awards including Campaign South Asia Agency of the Year 2017 (Mobile, Bronze). 

The Wall Project

Multiple states in India - 2009 onwards

Bringing public space beautification into Indian Pop Culture, creating landmark citizen-government collaborations and pinning Chapel Road on the global street art map.


Mumbai, India - 2013 onwards

Godamut is a live cinema collective that produces a new film in real-time performances. 

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